October 22, 2015

Eric Fisher

Eric Fisher

A Member of Wabaseemoong Independent Nations of Whitedog, One Man Lake and Swan Lake. Eric is the awesome Dad of 4 children and 1 grandchild. He proudly served his home Community of Wabaseemoong Independent Nations for 20 years in the capacity of Chief and Council Member. It is a great honour and ICE is thrilled to have a past Chief amongst their staff compliment.

Eric brings with him the First Nation governance skills that can only be acquired through many years of Band Leadership and respected cultural teachings. He is fluent in the Ojibway language and his is “a voice of reason and understanding” when it comes to negotiations with First Nation Governments and Corporations. Eric has been instrumental in the development of his Community, from the grass roots up, and the greater Aboriginal Community with his dedication and service to many Treaty and Tribal Councils, Chiefs Councils and Advisory Boards. He has an acute sense of the needs of Northern Communities and he applies that understanding in seeking benefits for the Communities he is working with.

During Eric’s professional career he has held positions as a Crisis Intervention Worker and was on the Mercury Disability Board, his compassion and thoughtful reflection have guided many clients and peers through enormous adversities. From 2013-15 Eric Co-Chair Treaty #3 Spring/Fall National/Chiefs Assemblys demonstrating strong facilitations skills, professional decorum and Nation to Nation mediating skills. As a Tree Nursery Technician he gained a full appreciation of the Northern climate and environment and the impacts it has on our Renewal Natural Resources, he is a patron of the natural surroundings indigenous to Northern Ontario.

Professional Affiliations

  • Grand Council Treaty #3
  • Independent First Nations Chiefs of Ontario
  • Kenora Chiefs Advisory
  • Bimose Tribal Council
  • Treaty 3 Police Service
  • Mercury Disability Board
  • Miitigog Board Member (Kenora SFL)
  • Miisun Board Member (Kenora Forest Management)

Fields of Competence

  • Governance
  • Band Management
  • Social Issues and Risks
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Community Consultations and Negotiations
  • Capacity Building
  • Community Cultural Protocols

Industry Sectors

  • First Nation Government
  • Forestry
  • Crisis and Health
  • Social Services
  • Pipeline/Transmission
  • Aboriginal Economic Development