October 15, 2015

Catherine Banning

Catherine Banning

Catherine Banning is a member of Fort William First Nation. Catherine is the General Manager & Project Manager is responsible for the oversight of numerous project including, health, education, financial oversight and governance development. Prior to ICE, she was employed in the Financial Services Sector, providing personal and commercial banking services for over two decades. Having acquired an acute sense of market valuations, Catherine subsequently worked with an Aboriginal Service provider specializing in PSAB 3150-Tangible Capital Assets for First Nations. She was also the Economic Development Advisor of Nokiiwin Tribal Council and the Lead in organizing the 1st Robinson Superior Regional Economic Development Summit. Catherine has overseen the development of 6 First Nation Communities Asset Inventories’ and Community Profiles through the Northern Community Investment Readiness Program. She further facilitated the procurement of funds for those 6 Communities to contract area Market Studies, the end result building towards an Economic Strategic Plan for the region. Catherine was honoured to have been appointed the Ratification Officer for a local First Nation in their Community Land Code as well as a Matrimonial Real Property Law for the First Nation.

Professional Affiliations

  • Member of Fort William First Nation Remembrance Day Committee
  • Member of the Fort William First Nation Cenotaph Restoration Committee
  • Board Member of the The Friend’s of Chippewa Park
  • Board Member of Nor’West Community Health Centre

Fields of Competence

  • Stakeholder analysis and engagement documentation and reporting
  • Capacity development and supports
  • Financial analysis and risk assessment
  • Communication planning and partnership development.
  • Policy & procedure development and implementation.
  • Business Analyst
  • Government funding and protocol compliance
  • Community Ratification Services
  • Personal and Commercial Banking
  • Event Planning and Facilitation

Industry Sectors

  • Banking and Finance
  • Aboriginal Economic Development
  • Energy Infrastructure

Project Role

  • Project Support
  • Administration
  • Budget Management
  • Aboriginal Workforce Liaison
  • Project Management